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JUJU to Launch Yumi Matsutoya Cowl Album

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“Yuming wo Meguru Monogatari” will are available in a CD+DVD restricted version and a CD solely common version. The restricted version’s DVD will embody a documentary concerning the album’s creation, which features a speak between JUJU and the Matsutoyas. The DVD may even embody footage of JUJU performing Yuming songs on tour over time.

Forward of the album’s launch, JUJU has launched the music video for one of many songs, “Mamotte Agetai.” Test it out beneath, together with extra info of her new cowl album!

Restricted Version

Common Version


  2. 守ってあげたい (Mamotte Agetai)
  3. ダンデライオン~遅咲きのたんぽぽ (Dandelion~Osozaki no Tampopo)
  4. 卒業写真 (Sotsugyou Shashin)
  5. 真珠のピアス (Shinju no Pierce)
  6. 影になって (Kage ni Natte)
  7. 街角のペシミスト (Machikado no Pessimist)
  8. 鍵穴 (Kagiana)
  10. リフレインが叫んでる (Chorus ga Sakenderu)
  12. 雨の街を (Ame no Machi wo)
  13. ひこうき雲 (Hikoukigumo)
  14. A HAPPY NEW YEAR (Intimate Ver.)


・Documentary of 「ユーミンをめぐる物語」 (Documentary of “Yuming wo Meguru Monogatari”)

・ジュジュ苑ライブ映像全5曲 (JUJU En Dwell Eizo Zen 5 Kyoku)

  1. 「ANNIVERSARY(JUJU SUPER LIVE 2014 -ジュジュ苑10th Anniversary Particular-at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA)」 (“ANNIVERSARY (JUJU SUPER LIVE 2014 -JUJU En tenth Anniversary Particular-at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA)”)
  2. 「DOWNTOWN BOY(JUJU ARENA TOUR 2015 -ジュジュ苑10th Anniversary Particular-at 国立代々木競技場第一体育館)」(“DOWNTOWN BOY (JUJU ARENA TOUR 2015 -JUJU En tenth Anniversary Particular-at Yoyogi Nationwide Stadium)”)
  3. 「まちぶせ(-ジュジュ苑スペシャル-スナックJUJU at 国立代々木競技場第一体育館)」 (“Machibise (-JUJU En Particular- Snack JUJU at Yoyogi Nationwide Stadium)”)
  4. 「あの日にかえりたい(-ジュジュ苑スペシャル-スナックJUJU at 国立代々木競技場第一体育館)」 (“Ano Hello ni Kaeritai (-JUJU En Particular- Snack JUJU at Yoyogi Nationwide Stadium)”)
  5. 「真夏の夜の夢(-ジュジュ苑スペシャル-スナックJUJU アリーナツアー2017 特別アンコール出店 at 横浜アリーナ)」 (“Manatsu no Yoru no Yume (-JUJU En Particular- Snack JUJU Enviornment Tour 2017 Tokubetsu Encore Shutten at Yokohama Enviornment)”)

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