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‘Star Trek #400’ (evaluation)

by 7newsentmt_l84je3

Written by Chris Eliopoulos, Declan Shalvey, Mike Johnson,
Wil Wheaton, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing.
Artwork by Luke Sparrow, Seth Damoose, Angel Hernanndez,
Joe Eisma, Magan Levens, Ramon Rosanas
Printed by IDW Publishing


The Star Trek comedian e-book collection celebrates it’s 400th subject milestone by giving us a group of nicely chosen, thought-provoking quick adventures from each period of the Trek universe. Uniquely Star Trek, this assortment proves why the franchise has continued to talk to audiences of all ages world-wide for greater than half a century.

Every story presents a distinct tone with applicable artwork to match. From the charming “The Starfleeter” following the playmobile-toned adventures of Discovery’s Lt. Detmer, to the existential post-corporal type of The Authentic Collection’ Garry Mitchell in “A Good System,” every journey brings one thing distinctive to the desk and spoke to me in the exact same means as my very favourite Trek episodes do to today.

Particular shout out to Wil Wheaton, The Subsequent Technology’s Wesley Crusher, who nicely demonstrates his writing prowess by giving us a prequel to his cameo in Star Trek: Picard Season 2. Wesley, ascended to the next aircraft of existence, exhibits us all that regardless of how superior we predict we’ve develop into, there’s all the time room for progress and the chance to study knowledge.

Additionally included are tales specializing in a pre-Enterprise/Deep Area 9 Miles O’Brien in the course of the Cardassian conflict, a really temporary, like one web page temporary, interlude with Simon Pegg’s Mr. Scott and a splendidly written log entry in the end revealed to be that of the newly commissioned Captain Hikaru Sulu from The Authentic Collection.

As a die-hard Star Trek fan, it was a consolation to really feel the writers’ and artists’ ardour for the franchise. I loved each panel and I’ve to thank Kelly and Lanzing for making my nerd tentacles flail by giving Garry Mitchell the eye he deserves.

That is an superior assortment.



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