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Snow Man to Launch New Single “Orange kiss”

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Along with the A-side, the one will embody the three B-sides. On the time of writing, solely two are named, “Fantastic! × Shock!” and “Really feel the sunshine, Beautiful.” The previous depicts “the thrill of latest encounters”, whereas the latter is an attractive R&B quantity which debuted at “Takizawa Kabuki ZERO 2022.”

Try extra data on Snow Man’s new single and its music video beneath!

Restricted Version A


  1. オレンジkiss (Orange kiss)
  2. Fantastic! × Shock!

・「オレンジkiss」Music Video (“Orange kiss” Music Video)
・「Fantastic! × Shock!」Lip Sync Video
・Behind The Scenes

Restricted Version B


  1. オレンジkiss (Orange kiss)
  2. Really feel the sunshine, Beautiful

・「オレンジkiss」マルチアングル映像 (“Orange kiss” Multi Angle Movie)
・「Really feel the sunshine, Beautiful」Dance Video
・ミッションをクリアしラインを作れ!Lucky7BINGO!! (Mission wo Clear Line wo Tsukure! Lucky7BINGO!!)

Common Version

  1. オレンジkiss (Orange kiss_
  2. Fantastic! × Shock!
  3. Really feel the sunshine, Beautiful
  4. TBA
  5. オレンジkiss(Instrumental)(Orange kiss (Instrumental)
  6. Fantastic! × Shock!(Instrumental)
  7. Really feel the sunshine, Beautiful(Instrumental)
  8. TBA(Instrumental)

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