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Crane Spotted at Disney World’s Splash Mountain as Retheming Continues

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Our MickeyBloggers are at Magic Kingdom Park today bringing you the latest on a recently closed ride. Today, we spotted a crane at Disney World’s Splash Mountain, as retheming continues.

Splash Mountain 

It’s been about a week since Splash Mountain closed its doors at Disney World. Last week, fans gathered in large numbers to get their last chance to ride the original attraction.

Afterward, Magic Kingdom was quick to update the Park to reflect the ride’s absence. Signage was removed and narrations were changed, to make way for a new attraction.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Retheme

Splash Mountain is undergoing a retheme inspired by The Princess and the Frog. Both Disneyland and Disney World’s rides will transform into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, premiering in late 2024.

Photo: Disney

Disneyland’s Splash Mountain is currently still intact with no word on its closing date. Let’s go inside Magic Kingdom Park and take a look at the new construction equipment we noticed at the site today.

Crane Spotted

As you can see, a large crane looms behind the ride’s peak. Near the front, you can see construction walls lining the entirety of the attraction. 

When we spotted the large piece of machinery, it was at a standstill. It will be interesting to see what it’ll be used for as elements are added and removed for Splash Mountain’s transformation.

One thing’s for sure, that’s a gigantic crane! It towers above the 87-foot tall experience.

It’s strange to see the drop without water rushing down the middle. As Guests stroll by, they are undoubtedly eager for the location to open once again next year!

MickeyBlog will continue to keep you posted with the latest on Splash Mountain’s transformation as retheming continues at Disney World!

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