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‘Rogue Sun Vol. 1: A Massive-Verse Book’ (review)

by 7newsentmt_l84je3

Written by Ryan Parrot
Art by Abel with Simone Ragazzoni,
Francesco Mortarino, Chris O’Halloran
Published by Image Comics


In 1992 Image Comics was founded by some of the greatest names in the comic book industry.

The group did so with the vision of creating creator-owned comic books within their continuity. When Image first began, its various characters existed within the same universe.

However, as time progressed, many founders felt hampered by the need to be tied to continuity.

Thus eventually, every book went its own way. Rogue Sun, part of the Massive-Verse, a series of books in which Radiant Black, Inferno Girl Red, Radiant Red, and The Dead Lucky, harkens back to those heady early days of Image comics where anything was possible.

When Rogue Sun, New Orleans’s greatest hero, is murdered, his mantle and powers fall upon his estranged rebellious teenaged son Dylan Siegel.

Now Dylan, barely passing high school and managing his first girlfriend, is tasked with protecting New Orleans and the world by battling superpowered forces, solving his father’s murder, and dealing with his father’s ghost. The latter’s soul is bonded with the magic stone that powers Rogue Sun.

Now, on top of his struggles, Dylan is forced into a strained relationship with his father, who abandoned his family to be a hero to the world.

As someone that has been reading comics for over 40 years, I will tell you that it is infrequent when a new book instantly clicks with me.

Radiant Black, the first book in the Massive-Verse collection, was a slow burn, and it took me a few issues to warm up to that book. Rogue Sun grabbed my attention and never let go. If you are new to the Massive-Verse, start with Radiant Black, then pick up the Supermassive one shot before diving into Rogue Sun. You will thank me for the recommendation.

5 out of 5 stars.


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