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SPOTTED: Disney World Cast Member Dressed in TRON Costume

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TRON Lightcycle / Run is finally opening this April — and we’re starting to get REALLY excited.

Photo: Disney

TRON will be located in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland and Disney has already revealed that the ride will initially use a virtual queue and a new locker system for guests to store items. We’ve kept a close eye on the construction progress of TRON from riding the PeopleMover, and today we spotted something extra exciting.

TRON Cast Member Costume

Back in September, Disney revealed the costumes TRON Cast Members would wear, which are essentially black zip-front tracksuits with white stripes and geometric shapes.

Photo: Disney

And speaking of costumes, today we hopped on the PeopleMover and noticed something very interesting over by TRON.

Can you spot the Cast Member??

Let’s take a closer look. Do you see it??

Let’s take a closer look

It’s a Cast Member wearing the new TRON costume!! 


How exciting to see a TRON Cast Member in action! TRON will officially open to the public on April 4th, 2023, and guests must enter the virtual queue or purchase an Individual Lightning Lane to ride. Make sure you read our full guide about everything to know before riding TRON!

First look We spotted a cast member out and about today wearing his new Tron outfit! ️ #tron #disneyparks #magickingdom pic.twitter.com/uASFnj3QQo

— MickeyBlog.com (@MickeyBlog_) January 30, 2023

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