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‘Clear #1 – #6’ (review)

by 7newsentmt_l84je3

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Francis Manapul
Published by Best Jackett Press /
ComiXology Originals


I will always be a sucker for a good gumshoe story.

I loved Snyder’s run on Batman; hence when my editor tossed a copy of Clear across my desk, I couldn’t wait to run my grubby little fingers across the pages.

There is just something about the down-on-his-luck, handsome, charming, but haunted detective that I have always loved. (See Baretta, The Rockford Files, Spenser for Hire).

Clear is set in  2052 San Francisco, a world where everyday people have access to the next level of the internet with a technology called Veils.

The Veils give them to apply a filter through which they view the entire world around them. Thus, people can choose to reskin their reality in any way they want to see it. Citizens can live in worlds of their fantasies, such as a magical landscape, the old west, or a zombie apocalypse.

Detective Sam Dunes chooses to use his veil on the default “Clear” setting and thus sees the world as it supposedly is.

Sam’s latest case involves solving the death of his ex-wife Kendra, which initially was deemed a suicide, but turned out to be much more.

Snyder’s writing is crisp and sound as he deftly weaves a classic noir detective story straight out of Sam Spade.

Manapul’s art is breathtaking and gorgeous. The pair craft a future world that is haunting and nihilistic. Manapul’s vivid art compliments Snyder’s script and brings Dunes’ world to life.

I think Clear is a book you clearly need to read (bad pun intended); a solid adventure from beginning to end. My only complaint is the final twist is not revealed until the last chapter and I would have enjoyed spending more time seeing the fallout of the final shocking revelation.

4.8 out of 5 stars.


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