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Sakanaction Releases All Details on New Album “Adapt”

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“Adapt” will include the Santen FX CM song “Plateau”, the “Lupin no Musume” theme song “Shock!”, and the Toyota CM song “Tsuki no Wan.” The band has recently released the music videos for the latter two songs, which can be seen below.

“Adapt” will come in four editions: CD+DVD limited edition, CD+Blu-ray limited edition, CD only regular edition, and 2CD+Blu-ray fanclub edition. The DVD / Blu-ray that is included in the limited and fanclub editions features footage from the online live event “NF OFFLINE FROM LIVING ROOM.” These editions will also include a guidebook on how Sakanaction adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. The second CD of the fanclub edition is the original soundtrack for stage play “Machine Nikki.”

Check out more information on Sakanaction’s new album below!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Fanclub Edition


  1. 塔 (Tou)  
  2. キャラバン (Caravan) 
  3. 月の椀 (Tsuki no Wan) 
  4. プラトー (Plateau) 
  5. ショック! (Shock!) 
  6. エウリュノメー (Eurynome) 
  7. シャンディガフ (Shandygaff)
  8. フレンドリー (Friendly)
  9. DocumentaRy of ADAPT (CD only)

Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD
・新宝島 (Shin Takarajima)
・セプテンバー (September)
・忘れられないの (Wasurerarenai no)
・フクロウ (Fukurou)
・ネプトゥーヌス (Neptunus)
・ユリイカ (Eureka)
・茶柱 (Chabashira)
・ナイロンの糸 (Nylon no Ito)
・シーラカンスと僕 (Coelacanth to Boku)
・白波トップウォーター (Shiranami Top Water)
・グッドバイ (Goodbye)

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