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PHOTOS: See How The Test Track Sign Has CHANGED in EPCOT

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If you’re looking for all the latest news in Disney World — and we’re talking ALL the news — you’ve come to the right place.

Magic Kingdom

There’s nothing too small to notice in Disney World, whether it’s a planned change or a surprise along the way, and since we’re in the parks every day, we see it all! So what changed this week? Find out here!

Test Track Sign Updates

An eagle-eyed MickeyBlogger was recently in EPCOT, where they noticed a very small but noticeable change to the Test Track sign. You might be able to tell what has changed. Any guesses?

Test Track signage

For context, the standby sign has NOT been updated yet, and this is what it still looks like. 

Old Test Track signage

The letters for the Single Rider/Lightning Lane sign are now made with shiny blue plastic, versus the previous matte blue letters. If you look even closer, you can see that the same acrylic blue now borders the sign as well.

Shiny acrylic letters

The old sign, alternatively, had matte blue letters and a clear border.

Matte blue letters

So far, only the Single Rider/Lightning Lane sign has been updated, but we’ll be watching closely for any more updates at Test Track.

Single Rider/Lightning Lane

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