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Sexy Zone Goes Back to the 80s with “Forever Gold”

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The album’s title was created by the group to show that every song on the album is a highlight. The “the” in the album’s title is a reference to it often being used in the 80s and 90s, reflecting the album’s retro theme. Sexy Zone has wanted to try the sounds of this time period for a while, and they are featured all throughout the album.

“The Highlight” will include the singles “LET’S MUSIC” and “Natsu no Hydrangea.” The new songs on the album include 80s Western-style dance numbers, city pop, refreshing summer club sounds, and love ballads. These songs were created for Sexy Zone by the likes of Nulbarich, Hata Motohiro, Okazaki Taiiku, STUTS, and iri.

The album will be released in three editions, two limited and one regular. All three are CD+DVD. The covers for the limited editions were drawn by tree13, an artist who has grown popular recently due to the city pop revival. The regular edition feature Sexy Zone in colorful vintage fashion. The group’s name and album title are all written in katakana in a vintage font reminiscent of the one used by the iconic late Showa TBS music show “The Best Ten.”

Ahead of the album release, Sexy Zone has released the music video for their album’s opening track, “Forever Gold.” Both the song and video are dripping in 80s nostalgia. In the clip, Sexy Zone plays a hit boyband on a music show and regular American high school boys. Check it out below, along with more information on their new album!

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition


  1. Forever Gold
  2. Desideria
  4. 夏のハイドレンジア (Natsu no Hydrangea)
  5. Iris
  7. Story
  8. Eliminator
  9. Freak your body
  10. 休みの日くらい休ませて (Yasumi no Hi Kurai Yasumasete)
  12. Summer Ride
  13. Dream
  14. Ringa Ringa Ring

Limited Edition A DVD
・「Forever Gold」Music Video
・「Forever Gold」Making of Music Video

Limited Edition B DVD
・「THE FINEST」Music Video
・「ザ・ハイライト」 Making of Jacket Shooting (“The Highlight” Making of Jacket Shooting)

Regular Edition DVD
・特別企画「~ドラマあるある~ このシチュエーションは俺のモノ選手権」 (Tokubetsu Kikaku `”~Drama Aru Aru~ Kono Situation wa Ore no Mono Senshuken”)

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