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How Much of a Geek Are You? The Ultimate Geek Test

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You might profess to be a lover of all things geeky, but do you really know your War Hammer from your World of Warcraft? We know there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to being a geek. In fact, it’s as much a state of mind as a social construct. However, we can all tell if someone leans a little more towards the geeky side of life.

If that’s you, we’ve got something that might be of interest. The questions below are designed to test your level of geekiness. What’s more, they’ll shed a bit of light on some geeky traits, ideas, and products. So, if you’re ready to geek out, let’s get started.

Do know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek?

We’ve started off with an easy one, but it’s an important one. If you don’t know the difference between the franchise George Lucas created (Star Wars) and the one dreamt up by Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek), you’re definitely not a geek.

Star Wars is, primarily, a movie franchise that started back in 1977. It follows the adventures of Luke Skywalker as he gets to grips with his magical Jedi powers. Star Trek, on the other hand, sprung from a 1960s TV series and became a franchise. It focuses on the starship U.S.S. Enterprise and its journeys across different galaxies. Roddenberry was essentially trying to make a Western-styled franchise based in space, akin to Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Are you a member of any fan clubs and have you ever owned a badge, stickers, signed photos, or another piece of memorabilia?

Being a geek, regardless of whether you’re into wizards or sci-fi, is a collective endeavour. In other words, we like to stick together and form cliques. Before the internet, you had to join a mailing list and become part of a fan club. Today, it’s all about forums, social media accounts, and subreddits. Throw things like action figures, badges, and signed images into the mix and you’ve got everything you need to be a geek.

Are there ways to engage with your onscreen heroes without watching them?

If you didn’t already know, the answer is yes. The obvious way to interact with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) et al is to attend a convention such as Comicon. However, it’s not the only way. Today, geek icons can be found in all sorts of different places. For example, you can engage with your favourite geek icons in a game. Geeky icons from film and literature have been translated to the world of gaming, whether in the form of collectable Lego sets, such as the elaborate Star Wars Millenium Falcon models, role-playing games, card games or immersive video gaming titles for both desktop devices and consoles. From Star Trek to Pokemon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: there are corresponding video game versions for almost everything in this day and age.

In recent years, there has also been an abundance of officially franchised online casino games inspired by classic blockbuster titles such as The Walking Dead, Batman and Lord of The Rings. Undoubtedly, players are enticed by the range of promotions and offers that are constantly available. For example, by claiming a free spins no deposit bonus from a site such as Party Casino, you get to play things like The Avengers slot.

That fact you can get free bets and win cash prizes obviously makes the deal a lot sweeter. Indeed, the nature of casino gaming is that the results are random. Therefore, bonuses can help offset the uncertainty. However, the real point here is that geek icons like The Avengers are used as the central theme for slots. This means you can engage with them in an immersive way, in between Marvel movie marathons, of course.

Do you know what ERP is?

This is a tricky one and a true test of how geeky you are. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. In simple terms, it’s a Microsoft program that manages a variety of workplace processes, including accounts, supply chain operations, and human resources. Basically, if you’re a geek, then you’re probably into computers and finding ways to be uber-efficient. EPR is the ultimate program for the ultimate time-management stickler. If you know what this is, you’re probably the biggest geek of all.

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