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Online Bingo in 2020 – What Has Changed?

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In fact, truth be told, we’re bingo mad, and have been for more than half a century now. Bingo itself is way older than that, though, as its very early incarnations can be traced back to the 1500s. Bingo is a game that is easy to play, it’s sociable, it’s exciting, and you could potentially win yourself some good money and top prizes in the process. Years ago, bingo was a game that was associated with the elderly. Pensioners would eagerly flock to the bingo halls, dabbers in hand, in the hopes of winning.

Now, though, the average age of bingo players in the UK has dropped sharply. In fact, the average age of a typical bingo player these days, is 30, rather than 60 and above. The reason for that is because bingo has now gone online. Here’s a look at some online bingo stats and what has changed in 2020.

The UK is now the largest bingo market thanks to online bingo

Bingo is enjoyed all over the globe, yet here in the UK, we play more bingo than anywhere else. One of the main reasons for this is because online bingo in 2020 has changed massively, with new bingo websites like Trusted Bingo offering improvements over the well established brands. Online bingo meant that we could play bingo anywhere, at any time, without even having to leave our homes. Not only that, but because it was also sociable with the inclusion of chat rooms etc, people began spending more time on there, and they started to invite their friends along.


We prefer mobile devices to desktops 

In the early days of online bingo, we found that we almost exclusively played bingo on computers, and then on laptops, as we had no other options. Whereas people still use laptops and computers to access online bingo sites, nowadays, the online bingo market is dominated by mobile devices. More than 1 in 2 people owns a smart phone, and as well as tablets, these are what we prefer to do our online gaming on. Thanks to the development of mobile bingo apps, playing bingo on your phone or tablet has never been easier.


VR tech

In the world of online bingo, and online gaming in general, VR is no longer a thing of the future. Virtual Reality is now a thing of the present, and as the years go by, it is becoming more and more advanced. More and more online bingo sites are utilizing VR in their virtual casinos and bingo halls to give the punter a more immersive and real-feeling bingo experience. With the use of VR headsets, players will be able to play online bingo as if they were in a real bricks and mortar bingo hall. It probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting of experiences, but so far, early feedback is looking extremely promising.




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