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‘Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons’ 4K Blu-ray (review)

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Damian Wayne, as we currently know him, first appeared 16 years ago.

Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, appeared on the page just seven years ago. In that relatively short time, they have ingrained themselves into the pages of the DC Universe. It was only a matter of time before they appeared in a movie of some sort. Batman and Superman: Battle of The Super Sons teams them up for a thoroughly entertaining direct to video experience.

It should at the very least serve as a template for any future stories for these two.

The movie does start with Krypton exploding and young Kal-El’s rocket escaping the exploding planet. While we have seen these moments countless times, this movie uses computer animation in a way that feels dynamic, giving the scene a sense of urgency.

As Kal-El travels, we see the slightest addition to this version of this story as the rocket may be carrying an unwanted stowaway,

After an opening credit sequence that nostalgically reminds us of the highlights of Superman’s life, we spend most of the first third of the movie with Jonathan Kent. He is a normal kid with no idea of who his father really is, or what is to come.  He struggles with sports and fitting in. He thinks his parents are stiffs. Your typical teen. Until one day, powers start setting in and he learns the truth.

Overwhelmed but guided by his dad, Jonathan and Kal-El go to Gotham City to visit Batman. This is where we meet young Damian Wayne in a sequence that highlights the give and take of these two characters.

But as this is happening, the floating satellite that is the Justice League headquarters is under attack in a scene that takes full advantage of the animation process. The dangerous stowaway from young Kal El’s rocket ship was none other than Starro.

Batman returns after investigating League Headquarters, controlled by Starro.

This scene joins another scene in combining the familiarity of parental figures, the horror of an alien controlling the body, and the computer animation, to showcase how unnerving something like this would seem even for these Super Teens.

With Starro taking over the world, Jonathan and Damian are backed into a corner. Can they work together and set their difference aside. Can they work together to battle this invasion? Well, the movie is called Battle of the Super Sons, not Starro.

There is something special when you realize the writer of one thing you like is also a writer on something else you enjoy. I have enjoyed Jeremy Adams work on his Flash run in the comic books. Here he has written a story, that while predictable at times, matches the energy and spirit that the main characters bring to their comic book counterparts.

Extras include a brief featurette and two Batman: The Animated Series episodes.

The voice cast is full experienced animation pros, with Jack Dylan Grazer of Shazam! and Jack Griffo of Nickelodeon leading as Damian and Jonathan and doing a fine job. Laura Bailey as Lois Lane does a great job. She brings both heart as Jonathan’s mom and fire as the one who has to help her son fight back.

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons feels like it would be perfect for the teen who is too cool for Teen Titans Go! However the action and animation will keep the grown ups happy.



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