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STUTS Works with tofubeats, Awich, and More on New Album

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“Orbit” will come in a CD+Blu-ray limited edition and a CD only regular edition. The limited edition’s Blu-ray will contain footage from STUTS’ concert at USEN STUDIO COAST in Tokyo in 2021.

Check out more information on this release below!


  1. Orbit Intro
  2. Lights (feat. Blu)
  3. Back & Forth
  4. One (feat. tofubeats)
  5. Liberation
  6. タイミングでしょ (feat. Awich) (Timing Desho (feat. Awich))
  7. Floating in Space
  8. Pretenders (feat. C.O.S.A., Yo-Sea)
  9. Come to Me
  10. Orbit Interlude
  11. World’s End (feat. Julia Wu, 5lack)
  12. Wisteria
  13. Orbit – STUTS Band Session, Jan 14, 2021
  14. Expressions (feat. Daichi Yamamoto, Campanella, Ryugo Ishida, 北里彰久, SANTAWORLDVIEW, NENE, 仙人掌, 鎮座DOPENESS) (Expressions (feat. Daichi Yamamoto, Campanella, Ryugo Ishida, Kitazato Akihisa, SANTAWORLDVIEW, NENE, Saboten, Chinza DOPENESS))
  15. Voyage (feat. JJJ, BIM)
  16. Storm (feat. KMC)
  17. Orbit Outro
  18. Driftin’

Limited Edition Blu-ray

  1. Intro
  2. Conflicted
  3. Ride (feat. 仙人掌) Ride (feat. Saboten)
  4. Mirrors (feat. Daichi Yamamoto)
  5. Cage Birds (feat. Daichi Yamamoto)
  6. Summer Situation (feat. SIKK-O, 鈴木真海子) (Summer Situation (feat. SIKK-O, Suzuki Mamiko))
  7. 0°Cの日曜日 (feat. SIKK-O, 鈴木真海子) (0°C no Nichiyoubi (feat. SIKK-O, Suzuki Mamiko))
  8. Seasons Pass
  9. 5th Dimentional Trip
  10. Flippin’ the Human Groove with MPC 1000 (2012 MPC routine)
  11. Pushin’
  12. Treasure Box
  13. 想定内 (feat. BIM) (Sotenai (feat. BIM))
  14. Poolside
  15. Renaissance Beat
  16. Back & Fort
  17. Amber (feat. KID FRESINO)
  18. Never Been
  19. マジックアワー (feat. BIM) (Magic Hour (feat. BIM))
  20. PRISM (feat. JJJ)
  21. Changes (feat. JJJ)
  22. Eternity
  23. 夜を使いはたして (feat. PUNPEE) (Yoru wo Tsukaihatashite (feat. PUNPEE))
  24. One (feat. tofubeats)

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