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SixTONES Shows Their Softer Side with “Watashi”

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“Watashi” will come in three different editions, two CD+DVD limited editions and a CD only regular edition. Limited edition A will feature a new song along with the “Watashi” music video and related content. Limited edition B will include three live tracks from SixTONES’ “Feel da CITY” tour from earlier this year, along with a documentary about the making of their album from earlier this year, “CITY.” The regular edition will include two new songs and a remix of SixTONES’ single “Kyomei” from earlier this year.

SixTONES has now released the music video for “Watashi.” The song and video both show a softer side of the group. Check it out below!

Limited Edition A


  1. わたし (Watashi)
  2. シアター (Theater)

・わたし -Music Video- (Watashi -Music Video-)
・わたし -Music Video Making- (Watashi -Music Video Making-)
・わたし -Music Video Solo Movie- (Watashi -Music Video Solo Movie-)

Limited Edition B


  1. わたし (Watashi)
  2. WHIP THAT -Live from “Feel da CITY”-
  3. Everlasting -Live from “Feel da CITY”-
  4. Good Times -Live from “Feel da CITY”-

・Documentary of “CITY”

Regular Edition

  1. わたし (Watashi)
  2. オンガク (Ongaku)
  3. セピア (Sepia)
  4. 共鳴 -Brave Marching Band Remix- (Kyomei -Brave Marching Band Remix-)
  5. わたし -instrumental- (Watashi -instrumental-)

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